Can the Pro Bowl

Yes, I was one of the few who watched the Pro Bowl last night (It still got near 10 million viewers). It is pretty clear the Pro Bowl needs some type of rejuvination. The game was not as bad as last years where a Flag Football game appeared to be even more physical, but it still needs to be addressed that:

1) Big name players skip the game 

2) The intensity is non-existant

Unlike other sports, Football has to be played in full contact at all times. This makes it difficult to cater to an exhibition game. At least pre-season games, guys are working on their timing, coaches are implementing new schemes and training camp invitees are trying to make the final cut. I am not sure what more of an incentive can be given to the players to make the game better. Currently $50,000 is the price for the winning team (per player) and $25,000 for the losing team. Chump change for some of the best players in the game who are making millions. Is it simply that football does not translate well to a meaningless exhibition game? I beg to differ. Pre-season games are often entertaining because of that level of desperation that the finals cuts have. Also camp battles are always great to follow. What are some of the ways the Pro-Bowl can be improved? Make it a Flag-Football game? Have it in-season similar to the NBA and NHL and rotate the locations? Having the game at locations that are desperate for NFL Football would not be a bad idea either. What are some of your thoughts.Image


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